Sunday, May 17, 2015

Love &'s for grown-ups, too

I have come to know a quite amazing person over the past few years. She is an educator, and one of the best I’ve been around.  She has a heart for kids, and is especially aware of kiddos who have less opportunities than others. The manner in which she talks about her job, learns all she can and pursues excellence for those she serves is simply exemplary, and is a model for how I should be approaching my job. I have simply become her biggest fan.

A common statement is to be kind to others, for we never know the battles they are facing.  I think more common than not is we apply this thinking to those who need empathy that can be seen. But we all have our own battles. Battles that are real and relevant. Fears that keep us awake at night, challenges that we don’t know where to start, and feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and/or doubt.

My friend who I’m thinking about is going through a difficult time personally, and experiencing many of the feelings described. I believe her words in describing herself included that statement “a hot mess.” The thing is, she wears it well. It appears she leaves it at the door when she leaves home, and while she may juggle a few unpleasantries during the day, she focuses on learning and doing what’s best and right by kiddos. She leaves her role (and as with most educators, takes work home with her) so that she can be mom, her most cherished and important work, where there, too, she may not truly be appreciated for all she does.

She’s worn out. She’s tired. She’s hurt, and she’s even scarred. But no matter how she feels about herself, I just want her to know that she is beautiful. What makes her that way is the hope in her eyes, the love in her heart, and the passion in her soul.

You may know this person, or someone just like her. I know her. I love her and her heart. She needs to know she is important, that she is of value and of worth. She has influenced more than students; she has inspired me and influenced all those who take the time to watch and learn from her example. And when you have a chance, please let her know by expressing appreciation and kindness. She needs it, too.