Monday, May 30, 2016

Random lessons

I have become comfortable in being constant in failure. That is not to mean I haven't had successes; I've been blessed in that regards - better than I deserve. Redefining failure may be necessary. It is failure to arrive at a level I am completely satisfied with that I'm driving at. Recognize the beauty in this mindset: it provides a permanent fresh start, a constant revitalization, and a regular newness. While some may say that life is tough enough without seeking challenges and great growth, there are greater opportunities and successes when purposeful collisions are created. In the attempt to enjoy the ride along and between failures and success, I share a few personal lessons I've learned or picked up along the way (in no particular order)-

*Defeats and victories go hand-in-hand. They are meant to co-exist.

*Nothing disrupts my comfort zone like being with challenging situations or people. It is the discomfort, the uncertainty and the challenge - all the things that many of us spend time and energy avoiding - that keep me relevant and in the game.

*Encourage the people you find challenging, and do it sincerely. Your actions say more about you.

*Few things are as therapeutic as swearing (this purposefully follows working with challenging situations and/or people)

*There is more to life than my life. Or yours.

*We are more than our position in our classrooms, schools and work. Define your role; don't be defined by your role. 

*Express your gratitude and appreciation for others. Tell them why. It's a win for them and a win for you-

*Be kind. Kick ass. Repeat.

*Be especially kind to our children and students. Besides setting up the future generation for success, one day you are going to be admitted into a home, and you want a good home.

*When it comes to learning, relationships and content are both important. So is the order.

*It is not enough to be good; you must be good for something.

*Know your why. Know you are why.